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Figshare API Resources

You can use the Figshare API to automate record management, gather statistics, or even build custom web apps for users or administrators.

Note: Interested in migrating records in batch? This is certainly possible through the API. However, if you are a repository manager at an institution, the Batch Management Tool may be an easier option for you.

Getting started - the basics

1. How to use the API

2. Advice and Guidance

3. Example metadata workflows

Examples For Statistics Reporting

More Advanced Resources - Custom Web Apps and Custom User Interfaces

You can create custom interfaces to display information from your Figshare account or repository. Online tools, like ChatGPT, can help. This was demonstrated in the API workshop Figshare ran at the 2023 Open Repositories Conference. You can see the resources for this demonstration on the workshop page and the workshop slides.